Managing your road videos


Edit and share videos, highlight interesting scenes and get the most out of your dash cam footage.

Store your videos in the cloud

Securely upload and organise videos from any dash cam.
It's that easy!

View your footage from anywhere

Access video and GPS data from any browser.
No need to install another video player or software again.

Edit your videos online

Link and trim your videos to showcase all your great road experiences.
You don't have to be a video expert!

Link multiple videos together in one click.
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Cut your videos to keep only the scenes that matter.

Share your video experiences

Send full videos or video snippets to anyone.
It has never been that straightforward!

Securely share your videos on social media or directly with others.
 Bookmark your videos & add tags to share only the most interesting scenes.

Connect all your video devices in one place

Whatever device you're using this is the platform for you.
It's device agnostic!

Upload footage recorded from any dash cam device in different video file formats.
Integrate your dashcam mobile app with Dash and seamlessly upload your videos.

Some of the dash cam manufacturers we support:

Dashcam Apps we support:

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What can I upload?

You can upload any road video you like. We support different file formats like MP4, MOV & AVI. Inappropriate content will be removed and user accounts will be deleted if necessary. 

Tips for great video uploads:
> Add a relevant video title
> Include a sufficient video description and tags
> Add bookmarks to the sections of interest

Who owns the uploaded content?

You own the copyright for all uploaded content, we do not claim any rights except to publicly serve it. You are responsible for the licenses and copyright of any uploaded material.

What data do you store?

You can read about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

What's the fastest way to reach you in case I need help?

You can send us a message via the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner within Dash or an email at

Do I have to pay for Dash?

We offer a free plan with basic features for you to try Dash. You can always upgrade to one of our paid plans if your requirements change. 

How can I upgrade my plan?

Soon you'll be able to upgrade your plan from your account settings within Dash. After you select your plan you’ll be prompted to complete the payment using our secure payment system supported by Stripe. 

What type of subscriptions do you have?

Dash plans will become available this summer. We currently only have monthly subscriptions for the Enthusiast and Pro plans. We’ll introduce yearly plans later this year. The prices for all subscriptions are in GBP. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to cancel your subscription from your plan settings within Dash. After you cancel your subscription, you will maintain access to the paid features until the end of your billing cycle. 

What happens to my videos after I cancel my subscription?

If the total storage of your videos in the paid plan doesn’t exceed the allowance from the Basic Account, you’ll be able to keep all your videos. Alternatively, you can only view the most recent videos that don’t exceed the Basic Account allowance. For example, if you have stored 20GB of videos and you cancel your plan, you’ll be able to see the most recent videos that don’t exceed the 3GB storage allowance of the Basic Account. The rest of your videos will be archived for when you decide to reactivate your subscription. 

How can I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account from your account settings within Dash. After you deactivate your account all your data will be removed.

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